Kaylee Toze

| Bookkeeping Manager |

As the bookkeeping manager at Marsh & Partners, Kaylee’s 30 years of experience means she can provide hands on advice and solutions to her clients.

Kaylee began her career in the banking and superannuation sector, followed by roles in accounting firms.  This led her into a career of bookkeeping and becoming a registered BAS Agent. Her focus has been providing pivotal assistance to clients in the growth of their business success. 

Being part of the Marsh & Partners team means that she can be the conduit between bookkeeping and tax and ensure that the accounts work for the tax team.  Her knowledge extends beyond just bookkeeping as she has the support of the tax team to ensure the right advice is given.

Kaylee is focused on providing quality advice to clients to take the pain out of the bookkeeping function.  With ATO, Fair Work and other organisations being prevalent in this day and age it means having the information right is paramount.  She enjoys working with clients on a daily basis to give them comfort in the numbers to then make decisions that are right for them at the time.  Her down to earth personality combined with her passion to assist clients means that clients can finally enjoy Bookkeeping!

Qualifications and professional memberships:
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Registered BAS Agent
Kaylee Toze

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