How to value your business

Many business owners assume they will only need a valuation when they are selling their business. A valuation may also be required when seeking finance or insurance, for tax calculations, liquidations, or relationship breakdowns. Cameron Allen (Partner), discusses some of the ways you can value your business.

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Our valuation team has a thorough understanding of the components of value and the right blend of commercial experience, analysis and professional judgement to deliver a robust and fair assessment. At the end of the process, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your business’s key value areas and what to improve on for a better exit outcome.


Further help:

You can find out more about working with Marsh & Partners here. As your Absolute.Account.Ability partner we’re on a mission to make your business life better. We’ll help you set goals for your business, devise an Action Plan to make them happen and meet with you regularly to ensure you stay on track.

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