Revised Stage 3 tax cuts confirmed

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The revised stage 3 tax cuts have passed Parliament and will come into effect on 1 July 2024.

The redesign broadens the benefits by focusing on individuals with taxable income below $150,000. An additional 2.9 million Australian taxpayers are estimated to take home more in their pay packet from 1 July. You can estimate your tax cut with this calculator.

This is not how the restructure of the personal income tax system was supposed to work, but a sharp escalation in the cost of living has reshaped community sentiment. As the Prime Minister said, “We are focussed on the here and now” and by default, not on long-term structural change.

We recommend you check any salary sacrifice agreements to ensure that your current strategy will still produce the results you are after.


The redesigned Stage 3 tax rates for Australian resident taxpayers:

Tax rate 2023-24 2024-25 
0% $0 – $18,200 $0 – $18,200
16% $18,201 – $45,000
19% $18,201 – $45,000
30% $45,001 – $135,000
32.5% $45,001 – $120,000
37% $120,001 – $180,000 $135,001 – $190,000
45% >$180,000 >$190,000


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