SMSFs and rent relief due to COVID-19

SMSFs and Rent Relief

Some of our clients own commercial properties by either their self-managed super fund (SMSF) or a Unit Trust.  With tenants requesting rental adjustments due to COVID-19, an issue will arise if the tenant is a related party. Auditors need to ensure the fund complies with Section 65 and 109 of SISA and also the biggest issue being the Sole Purpose Test.

Therefore, as a trustee you will need to ensure you comply with the auditors requirements which are:

1.  A letter from the tenant to the landlord (SMSF or Unit Trust ) asking for rent deferral and the reasons why.  The landlord must be satisfied that the business was affected due to COVID-19 and the tenant is seeking rent deferral or assistance.  If the tenant is eligible for JobKeeper due to a reduction in revenue, this will be a “good” indication in this instance.

2.  The landlord’s reply to the tenant should clearly include the following:

  • The amount of discount or deferral they have approved. This approach is given to the tenant for immediate cashflow assistance.
  • The term of the deferral.
  • The date the deferral finishes and the lease goes back to pre-COVID-19 rent.
  • Whether there is an option to extend the deferral period if business does not pick up once the deferral term finishes.
  • If the tenant is seeking a few months (up to six months) rent holiday, the landlord may extend the lease term for the equivalent period.


Further help:

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