Why you shouldn’t abbreviate 2020 when signing documents

Abbreviating 2020

A quick reminder that when writing the date in 2020 you should write the year in its entirety. This could possibly protect you and prevent legal issues on paperwork.

For example, if you just write 01/01/20, the date could be fraudulently changed to 01/01/2019 or any other date in this century simply by adding an extra two numbers to the end.

This is particularly important when signing hard copies of documents such as contracts, agreements, deeds, direct debits, applications etc.

This is a problem specifically for the year 2020 as abbreviating 2019 as “19” could only be changed to a date in the 1900s and abbreviating 2018 as “18” could only be changed to a date in the 1800s.

While we aren’t aware of anyone being scammed in this manner, it’s probably good practice to be pedantic and use the full form of 2020 to be safe.


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