New business resources to use in 2022

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If you’re ready to take your business to the next level in 2022, here are a few websites and tech tools that can help make your business life easier.  These tools are great to use alongside your marketing and business strategies.

Answer Socrates

Struggling to decide what your next blog topic will be? Answer Socrates generates hundreds of questions for almost any topic, in many languages. You can use these questions to write authoritative, thorough content, to brainstorm product ideas, and see what real Google users are searching for. Boost your SEO by creating blog content around trending topics!

Breakout Clips

Take you video ads to the next level with Breakout Clips! Breakout Clips is a cloud-based video ads creation platform that enables you to create engaging video ads to boost up your sales. It provides optimized templates for social media, email marketing, websites and more. It is an easy-to-use editor that is drag and drop enabled and can be accessed from any browser to create videos that will increase your engagement rate.


Renderforest is an animation software designed to help businesses utilize built-in templates to create videos, graphics, websites, logos and mockups. You’ll be able to find hundreds of video templates in various categories, ranging from intros and music visualizations to explainer animations and promotional videos. If you’re wanting to give your brand a refresh or want to take your content to the next level, try out Renderforest.


If you’d like to hear what your customers have to say about business, Voiceform may be the perfect tool. Voiceform is an intuitive feedback tool that allows creating forms and surveys you’re your customers can answer with their voice, providing them with a much more conversational experience.

QRCode Monkey

Over the past year, we’ve all had experience using QRCodes and know by now how they work, but have you ever thought of using them to promote or showcase your business? QRCode Monkey is a versatile and 100% free static QR code generator. They offer many choices in terms of content, colours, logos and overall look of the code, which you can tailor to your brand. You can take scanners to your website, social pages or files such as pdfs, images and more.


Wanting to refresh your LinkedIn profile photo in 2022? PFPMaker generates professional/creative profile pics from any photo. It uses background removal AI, beautifies your photo and generates dozens of profile pic variations automatically. PFPMaker allows you to change your background colour, reposition the photo, add shadows and much more!


Video creators say goodbye to green screen! Unscreen easily allows you to remove the background out of your videos. If you’re an Adobe Premiere Pro user, Unscreen now can be imported into the program as a plugin.


Looking for new employees in 2022? Switch up your interview style by incorporating Willo into your hiring process. Willo is a virtual interviewing platform, that allows employers to receive video responses to your questions from the candidate. You can choose from over 150+ pre-written questions within Willo’s question bank or choose to create your own.


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