5 ways to refresh your brand

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Many businesses don’t regularly evaluate their branding, which can lead to an outdated look and feel.  January is the perfect time to review your business’s branding and see if it could benefit from a freshen up.

Here are five cost-effective ideas to refresh your brand in 2022…


1.  Refresh your website

Your web presence is more important than you might think. People do connect with businesses on their websites, so if your website isn’t up to scratch, now might be the time to give it up an update. Your home page is the most important page on your site. Consider giving it a fresh splash of colour, adding eye-catching images or maybe adding a top performing blog to the homepage to get those clicks going. Consider changing your website template if you want a complete redesign – WordPress and Squarespace sites easily allow you to update your website template at any time.

Another easy way to refresh your website is to perform a content audit to ensure your existing web copy is up to date and reflects your current services and offerings. Don’t forget to use popular, industry keywords in your content to boost your SEO!


2.  Set new brand goals and strategies

If you want to grow or future-proof your business, planning and setting out new goals is vital. When was the last time you took a step back and considered your original vision or updated your business plan?

Making strategy a priority in 2022 will help you stay on track by giving you actionable goals and objectives for the year. Once you have a plan, commit to reviewing it monthly or quarterly. Not only will this help you avoid costly mistakes and stay purposeful, but you’ll also feel more focused and relaxed by knowing you’re in control.


3.  Invest in new imagery and videos

New imagery can give your brand a new life in an instant. Look at your existing photo collection on your socials and website. Do you have photos of staff that are no longer with you? Are there better images to reflect your brand or services?

Invest in new photography or video that shows your brand or product in action. Make sure that images are high resolution and are cropped to standard screen sizes. Ensure that your images look natural and include your staff or people in action.


4.  Review social platforms

Another easy way to give your brand a freshen up is to review your existing social platforms and identify any graphic templates that you may be using that could be updated. Work through your current social strategy and identify any gaps in content you should be sharing onto your social channels. You may want to highlight any new services, new staff members or showcase recent work or client case studies. In addition, consider incorporating videos across your social and digital platforms to keep your audience engaged. Update your profile bios and ensure all your info and contact details are still correct. We recommend creating a new social strategy for the new year to stay organised and ensure that you are posting content regularly.


5.  Update your visual branding and collateral

If your business uses digital adverts, banners, printed brochures or other materials, consider reviewing what you currently use and identify any collateral that is either outdated or could use a freshen up. Consider tweaking the design by adjusting the colour with another one from your brand’s colour palette, swap over old images to new ones or create a new design template all together. Don’t forget to make sure that your collateral pieces are consistent and align well with other images and templates of those across your physical and digital platforms.


We wish you and your business a successful 2022!

Achieving a healthy business is like maintaining a good relationship – you have to keep working on it. January is the perfect time to re-evaluate your brand and opt for a freshen up if needed. Even if you only take a few of these suggestions on board for your brand, you’ll be ahead of the game and be making positive change in your business. Here’s to 2022!


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