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Government Grants Update

- September 2018 - 


This update is provided by our friends at Radbe Consulting. To find out more about how Radbe can assist with government grants and incentives please visit their website.


In the 2018 budget the Queensland Government injected an additional $73 million over 4 years into the Advance Queensland Program bringing the total available funds to $650 million.  Subsequently applications for the various grants programs are starting to become available on a more frequent basis.  This month RADBE Consulting identifies 2 grants currently open for applications as well as others to keep an eye out for in the coming months.


Small Business Digital Grants Program


  • Funding up to $10K with 50% matched by the business (up to $20K project)
  • For upcoming projects involving the incorporation of digital technology (hardware, software and services) into the business
  • Must be a small business (<$2 million in turnover) and less than 20 employees to be eligible
  • Round open until 5pm, 8 October 2018
  • Application process involves:
    • Obtaining relevant quote/proposal for digital technology being utilised
    • 1-2 hour meeting with RADBE Consulting to complete application
    • RADBE obtains data and completes application questions on client’s behalf
  • Click the following link for more information – Small Business Digital Grants Program 


Business Growth Fund


  • Funding up to $50K with 25%-50% matched by the business (up to $100K project)
  • For upcoming projects involving the following:
    • Engagement of business mentors, advisors, advisory board
    • Intellectual property advice, feasibility studies
    • Purchase of advanced equipment (digital, logistics, etc.) or production equipment to meet growth demand
  • Eligible businesses must have the potential for high growth (20% increase in turnover or employment) within the next 2 years and have a full business plan in place
  • Application process involves an initial shortlisting of applications followed by a pitch for final approval
  • To be considered by the next assessment panel, applications must be submitted by 20 September 2018
  • Click the following link for more information – Business Growth Fund 


Other state-based grants to keep a close eye on over the coming months include the following:

  • Ignite Ideas Fund

  • Made in Queensland

  • Small Business Entrepreneur Grants Program

  • Business Development Fund 


Need further advice?


The Marsh & Partners team are able to provide advice and assist with R&D legislation as well as government grant applications.

If you would like to talk further about the financial help your business may be entitled to, please contact our office on (07) 3023 4800.


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